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Are you ready to join the group who found what they needed from starmodeltrains.com? Many collectors are successfully finding the most obscure model trains and rare gems for model train collectors. We hope that you take full advantage of one of the Internet's best-kept secrets before it gets too popular with model train collectors. Here's just a small sample of what some had to say:

Dustin wrote:

Recently my son found my BLI HO 1146 NYC Dreyfuss Hudson 4-6-4, #5452, Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC on Amazon.
Lucilla Lecuyer wrote:
Last week my wife picked up my Rail King 4-6-4 New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson w/proto 2.0 at a yard sale.
Joe wrote:
Got my O-Scale 2-Rail Sunset 3rd Rail NYC 1938 DREYFUSS HUDSON 4-6-4 #5452 new in box! some time ago and am totally pleased with it.
Holly Kiel wrote:
Today my son-in-law found my LIONEL 28084 NYC DREYFUSS HUDSON WITH TMCC & RAILSOUNDS GOOD WITH MTH at a yard sale.
Sharell wrote:
Danyell wrote:
Recently my daughter picked up my Lionel New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson 5454 6-18027 on eBay.
Elwood wrote:
Got my Broadway Limited HO Dreyfuss Hudson NYC 4-6-4 #5454 1938 scheme Brand New months ago and am really happy the quality.
Walton wrote:
Recently my wife bought my HO-BROADWAY LIMITED #BLI-1147 NYC 20th Century Limited Dreyfuss Hudson, #5454 on Amazon.
Vaughn wrote:
Just yesterday I bought my BROADWAY LIMITED HYBRID PARAGON SERIES 1147 DREYFUSS HUDSON 4-6-4 NYC #5454 NEW at a yard sale.
Prince wrote:
Recently my daughter found my Lionel O Gauge 18027 Smithsonian Scale Model Dreyfuss Hudson- 3 Rail Brass- MINT on eBay.
Myra wrote:
Got my Lionel 18027 Smithsonian NYC New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson 1993 RARE #198of50 months ago and am totally pleased the quality.

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